Global Startup Challenge: FinTech



Tuesday Aug 15, 2017


Friday Nov 24, 2017


Name: Global Startup Challenge: FinTech

Date: Aug 15 - Nov 24

Location: Various Locations Worldwide



Global Startup Challenge 2017: Fintech

Global Startup Challenge 2017?—?FinTech an initiative to empower innovations & startups across the globe through the platform EDGE 196. The challenge runs across 26 global clusters (196 countries) where our objective is to identify startups that have the potential to become the next unicorn in the world. The three shortlisted startups are invited for online conference pitch session & the 26 winners are then offered the term sheets and provided with an acceleration program run by one of our global partners.


Global Market Access, Investment (2.3 Million USD), Acceleration program, Startup Summit participation and Continuity Investment.

Empowering Startups and Innovations

Total Investment commitment: 2.30 Million USD

One winning start-up from each cluster (26 Clusters) will get an investment of 50,000 USD. And out of 26 winning start-ups, one will be selected for the grand investment of $1 Million USD.