PCN Contract & Project Services is designed to support your needs for a contract/freelance workforce requirement, a specific workshop or deliver a whole Project Team into the FinTech, Payments or Blockchain spaces.

PCN has the networks and expertise to help you plan, locate and deliver the resource you need for your Project. Choose PCN to support you and benefit from:

Extensive Networks

Since 2006 PCN has been building a global database of over 80,000 professionals, which is the largest FinTech, Payments and Blockchain focused network in the world. This gives you access to the best Payment people, eCommerce, FinTech and Blockchain specialists.

Project Delivery Experience

PCN’s Project Services team understands the need for precise planning and timely delivery to help reduce project risks such as delays, attrition or over-run. We have the experience and cutting edge tools necessary to mitigate the people related risks you may encounter and we can help ensure your project is delivered on time.


In conjunction with our own specialists and wider networks we can help plan and deliver individual or group workshops to your organisation which can educate and explain key topics such as PSD2 or Blockchain.

Ensuring Compliance and Risk Reduction

Paramount to knowing you have the right people for your team at the right time, is knowing they are employed legally and compliantly. With our international expertise and in-depth knowledge of local regulations you can rest assured your team is being managed effectively and in accordance with the local law.

Reliable Payroll

For clients with international workforces, keeping track of payroll requirements and tax in multiple locations can be a real challenge. By outsourcing this to PCN, you can be assured your people will be managed well, paid on time and in accordance with local tax regulations.