For Job Seekers: Three Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency

Looking for a job can be so overwhelming—which is why I encourage everyone to try a Recruitment Agency at least once in their career. Of course, I am biased as I work at Payments & Cards Network, a boutique recruitment agency! Nonetheless, working with a vetted and established Recruitment firm can do wonders for the job process. "Well, How so?" you may be asking. I have three simple reasons for you.

1) Inside knowledge:

Recruiters work with clients and candidates all day long. So, this means they’re constantly on top of jobs openings, even ones that have not yet made it onto public (and very competitive) job boards. In order to do their job, Recruiters will be on friendly terms with these potential employers. For you, as a job seeker, this means they’re going to have access to information you wouldn’t be able to reach yourself. A good Recruitment Agency will be able to provide more information about the job description, perks, company climate and your chances of qualifying that you wouldn’t be able to find through google or submitting an application through a portal. And...Information is power!

2) Meet and Greet:

Recruiters work to make the hiring process as smooth and easy as they can for their clients. This means they only bring forward candidates they think would be great for the position. They don’t want to waste your time or that of their clients. When a Recruitment Agency introduces a candidate (you) to your potential employer (their client), they’ll already have taken time to get to know you. This means they will be able to showcase your strengths and share rave reviews from your peers. A Recruiter will be able to honestly talk about your great personality. That’s a good ally to have!

Recruitment Agency

Working with a Recruitment Agency can give you a little bit of extra support as you search for a new job

3) The Interview:

Because a quality Recruitment Agency invests time and effort into candidates they trust and know can do the job, they’re going to support you through every step of the process. This means coaching and interview prep from someone who conducts interviews for a living! Your Recruiter is going to have answers to your questions about the interview process (time, where to meet, how to get there, dress code) and they’re going to be excited to help you prepare your strongest and most solid answers to tough interview questions. After the interview, they’re there to support you, debrief and give you useful feedback from your potential employers. So, there you have it. Three simple reasons why a Recruiter can be your best ally in the jungle that is the job search.