Monday Mar 2, 2020


Tuesday Mar 3, 2020


2nd Annual Client Onboarding for Directors Forum

Client Onboarding is one of the most critical functions for banks and Financial Institutions as it directly impacts client experience, servicing, and relationships — all of which, in turn, impact profits.


In this challenging economic environment, banks are expected to match each other quite closely in terms of product innovation and financial service offerings. A real difference will, therefore, lie in creating a high-quality first impression.


The financial institutions must deal with yet another aspect of the economic fallout-Customer Satisfaction. The global Banking landscape has been forever changed by the evolutionary credit crisis, leaving issues of trust, customers attrition, brand loyalty, and the resulting revenue declines trailing in its wake. To ensure the success, financial institutions, while marshalling resources to raise capital and cut costs where possible, must not overlook their lifeblood-ongoing acquisition, optimization, and retention of the customers.


The bottom line is that financial institutions must improve customer experience to keep customers happy and satisfied. This is shown in the increase of banks developing their onboarding processes through quality assurance, compliance, transparency, and also through digital innovations. These Elements of onboarding will be the pillars this event is based upon, hearing from industry leaders of: Onboarding, KYC, Client Relations, Regulatory, Compliance, AML/AFC, Digital Transformation and Due Diligence will give you a 360-degree view of how to effectively improve your Onboarding and KYC Processes.


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Date and location: 2nd – 3rd March 2020, at Leonardo Royal London Tower bridge, London, England