Thursday May 2, 2019


Friday May 3, 2019


Insurance AI and Analytics Summit USA

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Insurance AI and Analytics USA (May 2-3, Chicago) will bring together innovation and business unit executives to redefine the risks and rewards of embedding technologies, exploring how leveraging technologies such as AI, IoT, blockchain and automation can help create valuable, relevant insurance products and services, delivered with a seamless experience.

As our lives become hyper-connected and customer expectations increase, the imperative on insurance carriers to deliver automated services with a 360° customer view is increasing. It is also now undeniable that AI and machine learning are the only means through which insurance carriers will be able to meet customer demands at scale, whilst ensuring they remain efficient and profitable.

Join this industry-leading summit for exclusive insights on:

  • Turning your vision into reality: Discover how excellent planning and pre-integration analysis can lead to successful AI application. Develop a robust business intelligence infrastructure, achieve data integrity and a 360-view of the customer
  • Discover exactly where and how AI is impacting insurance: Uncover the major impacts of AI, from automating underwriting, improving the customer experience, delivering seamless claims and turbocharging data analytics
  • Deliver a seamless and connected customer experience: Integrate new technologies into legacy systems to meet and exceed customer expectations with outstanding service, from on-boarding to claims and everything in between
  • Identify and create business efficiencies for immediate gains: Discover which processes can be quickly automated and how to use new tech, such as chatbots, to improve customer visalization and productivity and reduce human errors

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Use discount code “5010PCN200” to register here to receive $200 off your ticket price now!