Interview Spotlight with Giovanna

Career Goals & the LATAM Market with Giovanna Adam

Giovanna Adam is the latest addition to Payments & Cards Network in 2016 to help us continue our expansion into the LATAM payments and eCommerce markets. Originally a lawyer from Brazil, her expertise lies in the fields of creative sourcing techniques as well as the successful placement of international candidates into a variety of jobs. Today we sat down to talk about how her decision to move to the Netherlands and her career goals.

Can you tell me about your background and how your path led you to Amsterdam?

I was born in Brazil where I studied in a German school. That's where I learned many languages. Then I did exchanges before deciding to study law in Brazil. After graduating, I decided to take a celebratory trip. That's where I met my boyfriend in a hostel in the United States, he was visiting from the Netherlands. We fell in love and kept in touch and after he visited me, I took a trip to the Netherlands. I really loved it and decided I would like living here and I felt in order to truly settle in, I’d like to further my education. So I decided to take a Master’s in European Law. Then I began to think, I have a new life here, why not a new career? I’ve always been passionate about sales. I used to help my family with sales as they own a textile business and I used to sell cake and jewelry to friends. Above all, I was looking for a job with interaction and where I can be social as I love working with people. I thought Recruitment was an interesting field and matched my career goals. I wanted to see what I could do in the field and did my research, and I got hired here at Payments & Cards Network.

What do you think of Payments & Cards Network?

I love the atmosphere here, it feels like Google! There’s skateboards all over the office, people can play pool when they need a break, there’s surfboards against the wall. And I think it’s really sweet we have flags hanging on the walls from each of our countries. This is great since we have an international background and I feel a bit at home when I see my flag and know I’m representing my country in this office where we all get along. I come in to work happy everyday and as someone who moved here without knowing many people, I’ve been lucky that my coworkers have become my friends.

What do you like to do for fun in the city?

I come from a big, big city—São Paulo. And I really feel like Amsterdam has all the great features of a big city. So, for fun, I can go to discos, food trucks, festivals, and museums. I like to try and find the museums that aren’t so touristic. For example, recently, I went to the Micropia museum which is all about bacteria. It’s fun to find places off the tourist path like this museum or little bars in De Pijp.

What have you been focusing on as a recruiter here?

We have great relationships with big companies already established in Europe. But in Brazil we can work both with these same companies and also with innovative companies in the emerging market. These innovators are investing and spreading their creative solutions to the emerging market. For example, companies are developing creative solutions to online payments for people who have no access to a credit card (like selfie or mobile pay) and we can expand our relationships there. There’s not really a niche Payments Recruitment scene established in Latin America and that’s where I can come in and help. I speak the language and I understand the culture so I can really communicate and support these companies and expand our relationships.

What advice do you have for new Recruiters or those who want to enter the market?

First, research the market. Find out which kind of recruitment you’re passionate about and what matches your career goals. Do you want to work in-house for a big company or do you want to work in an agency setting? Then read sales books and keep up to date about your target market. This means being active on social media and LinkedIn groups. And I think it’s a good idea to watch YouTube videos by other recruiters. Lastly, make sure you do networking at industry events.

What are your career goals?

I want to build an ever bigger and relevant network within the LATAM markets. I am always excited to talk about payments, and to create good connections with others. I’m always open to having a chat about jobs, if someone needs help or just wants to talk about the market. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn and reach out. Making new connections and friends in this market is something I really value!


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- By Layla Durrani