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Interview spotlight with Charles

Interview spotlight with Charles

We talked with Charles Guinet, our VP Global Consulting here at Payments & Cards Network about his journey to the company.

Charles was born in Paris and grew up in France, where he studied International business. Before moving to the Netherlands, he lived and worked in the United States and France. After working in Recruitment for a few years in Amsterdam, he joined our Payments & Cards Network team two years ago.

What brought you to Amsterdam?

I felt ready for a change and based on my previous visits here, I felt it would be an ideal environment for me. Once I arrived, I began recruiting at Amoria Bond with a focus on IT/SAP markets. Amoria Bond was a great place to learn the ins-and-outs of Recruitment. But eventually, I wanted to focus on more of a niche market. So Payments & Cards Network fit me well. I met Jordan Lawrence, our founder, and then joined what was a two-man team at the time. My goals were to expand the French Market.

You’ve worked at Payments & Cards Network since the early days, what are the biggest changes you’ve observed?

Well I think I’ve seen us really grow. We went from 3-4 guys and now we’re expanding steadily. I’ve seen us become more organized and more structured. We built this company on individual talent and now we’re developing into a fully-working, structured machine that is sustainable as our size expands.

What do you focus on here?

Payments & Cards Network hired me to help us develop our French market. There’s such a large ecommerce market there, but it’s very specific. The French market can be tough to target for foreigners with the cultural and language barrier. One of my earlier successes was to begin working with people we knew in the industry, but due to the language barrier, couldn’t create long-lasting relationships with.

What kind of people do you wish to see us hire as we continue to expand?

As a manager, I look for self-motivated, bright and hard-working people. It’s about not just being a good recruiter but being an interesting person. We don’t need someone who is only looking at keywords on CVs. We want someone who is friendly, enthusiastic and who is trustworthy. I think success can only be created with trust, and as Recruiters, we’re often met with mistrust. So I find it important to work with recruiters who are someone that the clients can trust and build relationships with. And for Recruiters coming to work here, one reason we have created verticals is because that gives you the ability to build specific knowledge for yourself.  So, when you are in front of the client, you are highly relevant and a trusted source of information.

Anything you’d like to tell candidates?

I think just remember to plan out your job hunt. Our market is good and sometime I see people just surfing by, instead of thinking of why they’re moving to their next job or what they want next for themselves. Think of how your CV and career progression will look to a client. They want to see a pattern and that you put thought into your career. Think 5 years in advance when planning your next moves.