PCN Podcast - Design-driven mobile banking solutions with a special focus on younger customers - Interview with Ivan Muck, Co-founder & CEO at Family Finances

By Payments & Cards Network | Jan, 17 2020, 01:12 AM

This week's guest is Ivan Muck, Co-founder & CEO at Family Finances. Ivan and Lewis deep-dived into youth banking, design-driven mobile banking solutions and also the millennial and gen-z market.

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Advice: Acing phone interviews

By Layla Durrani | Sep, 13 2016, 17:11 PM

As a recruitment agency, we conduct phone interviews all the time. We’re able to speak with people and place them in a job that suits their skill set all around the world.

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Career Advice

Interview spotlight: Tips for candidates & clients from our COO

By Layla Durrani | Aug, 9 2016, 17:11 PM

We talked with Rogier Rouppe van der Voort, our COO about the growth of Payments & Cards Network as well as advice for candidates, clients and recruiters trying to begin their career.

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Company Updates

Recruitment advice: Building a strong CV

By Layla Durrani | Aug, 2 2016, 17:11 PM

It can be daunting building a strong CV for job applications—especially since there’s so many opinions on how to do it ‘just right’.

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Career Advice

Interview spotlight: Tips and insights from our Managing Director USA

By Layla Durrani | Jul, 26 2016, 17:11 PM

What draws someone into the recruitment world, what keeps them here and how can you best succeed in the business? Lewis and I sat down to talk about both his career path and his insights into the world of recruitment.

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Career Advice

5 tips - Nail your next job screening

By Layla Durrani | Aug, 4 2015, 17:11 PM

When you get a call from an employer wanting to schedule a telephone interview with you, this means your CV has been given a green light and they would like to know if you are who you say you are.

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