Blockchain Finance Summit 2018



Tuesday Nov 27, 2018


Wednesday Nov 28, 2018


Blockchain Finance Summit is happening in Franfurt, Germany on 27th - 28th of November. Commerzbank is one of the parties taking part in the speaking panel at the Summit. Hans Huber, the Blockchain Architect at Commerzbank, will throw a presentation about "Interoperability between Distributed Ledgers and Business Networks built with it". Hans, on our major appreciation have also taken the role of Chairman of this Summit, taking care of the strategical success for this event.

The Blockchain Finance Summit holds a prime focus on Insurance and Banking segment of the industry. Audience coverage is mainly Europe, the more precise western part including Nordic, Baltic, UK and Central site. Generally, there will be present participants as major, leading industry players from Finance and Insurance EU segments, who already have incorporated the blockchain platform or hold blockchain innovation solution.

Speaking panel this year consists of eminent industry names and market players, ABN AMRO Bank, ING Netherlands, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, B3i, Allianz Insurance, Swiss-Re, Advance Blockchain Solution, Belfius Bank (Belgium), Bank of Lithuania, Lloyds Banking Group UK, Santander Bank, Cambridge Blockchain, Cointelligence. There will be several hot topic discussions in relation with regulatory, technology innovative platforms, best practice stories of blockchain implementation, consortium and alliances between market players, crypto-world and influence of payment system, KNY (Know Your Customers), blockchain influence at frauds and claims process.

Euro Events has been organizing high business C-level gatherings, mostly in Finance and Insurance segments in makor European and worldwide cities for ten years. Euro Events have gathered recognitions and rewards continuing with its major market success doing exclusive events, great networking sessions, satisfied attendees who have a chace to interact each other and get in-direct contact and communciation, while starting future ooperation.

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Frankfurt, Germany