Best 4 Apps for Your Job Search

Best 4 Apps for Your Job Search

With modern technology advancing every single day, you have access to a plethora of opportunities right at your fingertips. Job apps are a great way of finding the right opportunities for you, as and when you want. We have complied a diverse list of job apps, all of which have something different to offer you on your way to landing a job.

For Networking: LinkedIn

The largest network of professionals with more than 500 million users, LinkedIn allows you to create a professional profile where you can showcase your experience, skills and education all in one place. From there, you can connect to other professionals and begin to grow your network. After all, networking allows you to meet new people who could refer you to jobs in the future. Job referrals can boost your chance of a match anywhere from 2.6 to 6.6% higher than any other interview source. Furthermore, LinkedIn’s Jobs section is a great tool to find your perfect job by filtering you search down to Experience Level, Industry and Date Posted.

For Job Searching: Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the best free apps which helps you search, save and apply for jobs from a huge database. Search for your desired job title and choose your location and you can even add your desired salary, view the company’s reviews as well as explore interview questions, narrowing the search between you and a job.

For Freelancers: Freelancer

For Freelancers, this amazing app is the worlds largest freelancing marketplace which connects employers and freelancers. The app allows you to search for projects from a range of categories such as Writing & Content and Sales & Marketing, message employers on the go and place bids for the work that you want to be involved in.

For Interview Preparation: Interview Questions and Answers

Great! You have landed yourself a job interview. The next step is to research the company you could be potentially working for and getting to grips with the questions that you could be asked during the interview. Interview Questions and Answers is a handy little app which gives you a huge selection of interview questions, for a range of different jobs and specific companies in order to help you prepare for the interview.

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Written by Jessie Randhawa