Top 5 LinkedIn profile optimization hacks for fintech professionals

Top 5 LinkedIn profile optimization hacks for fintech professionals

Based on the number of members, the top 3 industries on LinkedIn are Financial Services, Higher education, and IT. With nearly 2 million users from the Finance industry alone, you cannot sideline LinkedIn as a prospect for getting hired and liaise with like-minded professionals to gain knowledgeable insights.  

The fintech industry is all about innovation in the finance industry and changing the traditional norms. It could be peer-to-peer payment or investments. However, if innovation is somewhat of a requirement in your industry, your LinkedIn profile should reflect these essentials as well. 

Let’s see how you can optimize your profile:  

Profile optimization 

The trinity of having an optimized Linkedin profile is cover picture, summary, and headline. So, before you start utilizing LinkedIn for business purposes or to look for a job, you should have these essentials mastered. 

The idea is that your profile should seem professional and trustworthy, and having an ill-formatted profile may invite disinterest from the users. 

Hence, updating your LinkedIn profile plays an important role in how it will perform. Let’s take a look at the 3 essentials: 

  • Headline: The LinkedIn headline is all about having your expertise in a sentence that describes you to professionals going through your profile. An enthralling headline will have the professional click on your profile to learn more. Hence, it is very important to optimize your profile. 

  • Profile & background picture: Your profile and background photo should showcase who you are. If you are a small fintech startup then you can use the logo of your company. For individuals, professional-looking pictures are ideal. Further, use a background picture to voice your expertise as a means of virtually supporting your profile. You can add industry-related functions that define you or the services you are providing.  

  • Summary: Within 2000 characters, your summary should describe your career achievements and skills. As a finance professional, you can include keywords here to improve your profile’s presence.


Let’s take a look at the snippet of an optimized profile of a fintech professional: 

Include keywords

It can be tough to accept that search engine optimization will play a role in your profile. But, having relevant keywords important in the fintech industry can help you improve your profile’s visibility. As nearly 7 out of 10 Financial advisors use LinkedIn for business purposes, appearing at top in the search results is a little tricky since the number of professionals is quite high. 

Further, Fintech is a buzzword that is very important for your profile but it alone cannot do much. You need to include your specialization so that when a user searches for that term on LinkedIn, your profile is visible in the search results. 

So, research on what terms are trending in the industry and keywords along the lines of your expertise. Sprinkle these keywords in the summary, work experience, projects, etc. 

Connections & networking 

Having a great profile is not adequate to achieve your business or career objectives. Most professionals think of LinkedIn as a job searching tool, but it is more than that.

Even though you can find jobs on LinkedIn, this platform is more about connecting with users and fostering professional relationships. Hence, update your functional industry to “financial services” so that you can get in touch with the people who have mutual interests. 

Further, while reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn, use the add a note feature to personalize your request to establish a mutual interest. For instance, if you attended a webinar for financial technology and you are reaching out to the panel members, you can add this reference to improve your chances of getting connected. 

Update the professional experience

Think of this as laying out a resume. So apart from updating your work profiles, you need to include pointers under each profile that display your contributions. To create a better impact, you can add projects as well. 

Long paragraphs are most common among finance professionals on LinkedIn. But they do not do much to increase the readability of your profile. So, while updating the professional experience make sure you take readability into consideration as well. 

Try to curate statements around bulleted points that do not exceed more than one-line. 

Endorsement and recommendations

Let’s say you added the skill P2P and Marketplace Lending on your profile. How would the user scrolling through your profile know that you possess this expertise? LinkedIn allows users to add up to 50 skills and anyone can add any skills. 

So, it is important to showcase yourself as a legitimate professional that will clear any doubt in the mind of prospect client/recruiter. How do you achieve this? 

Have your peers and mentors endorse your skills and write recommendations for your profile to make a credible profile. Further, you can use the LinkedIn skill assessment test that will help you stand out.

Author: Aditya Sharma

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