The Global Blockchain Summit Slovenia to take place 29-30 April 2019

The Global Blockchain Summit Slovenia to take place 29-30 April 2019

Following the recent ‘Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals’ tour across Europe and Asia, the European Blockchain HUB (EUBC HUB) and Nispana, under the patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, are inviting and welcoming experts on blockchain from different stakeholder groups, entities, and individuals from all around the globe to join rich discussions during the two-day event.

Committed to advocating global integration and adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and fostering and strengthening cooperation between key actors in the Blockchain ecosystem, the Summit aims to gather some of the biggest names in the field. 

The event is scheduled for 29-30 April 2019, in the Exhibition and Convention Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It will welcome governments’ representatives, business sector, academia, NGOs, scientists, analysts, educators, startups, investors, and other leaders in the field from across the world. 

Blockchain has been considered as one of the technologies of the future for a while now. Nevertheless, there are a lot of questions rising around its usage and regulation, which goes beyond cryptocurrencies. At the summit, we will look into providing a platform for discussion about implementation of blockchain in different industries for realizing the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs), as well as tokenizing economy with suitable ecosystems for ICOs, and bringing wide range of good practice cases of blockchain use. In addition, the audience will hear how to benefit from the exchange to foster and strengthen the cooperation amongst blockchain businesses, larger society, and regulators with the goal of developing the trustful and secure blockchain ecosystem.

The key features of the conference are: 

  • Global Leaders Exchange – government delegation, high level meeting: Discussing investments, smart and sustainable tech cities of future, regulations, safety and security
  • Exchange Sessions: investors and start-up exchange, student exchange; side event: workshops, tour to the world’s first Bitcoin City, and Blockchain Innovation Awards
  • Blockchain Innovation Awards: Investor of the year award, Blockchain in the Financial Sector, Innovative use of blockchain in the Supply Chain, Blockchain in Consumer Rewards Schemes, Blockchain Startup / ICO Success Story Award, Best Educational initiative in blockchain

The Global Blockchain Summit offers exhibition space for those entities who wish to present their work and activities in front of the attendees from over 30 countries. Live stream will also be provided for global remote participants.



About European Blockchain HUB and Nispana Innovative Platforms:

European Blockchain HUB is an independent organization established to increase the advantages of stakeholders in blockchain technology and the distributed economy, thus also increasing the advantages of Europe and throughout global partnerships beyond.


Nispana Innovative Platforms acts as a business catalyst through constant focus on re-education, networking and most importantly deal making opportunities. We provide business executives with tailored practical conferences, forums and trainings, keeping them up to date with industry trends and technological developments. We work with an ideology of Ideation, Innovation & Execution to help organizations, governments, NGOs, industry specialists and suppliers to identify their existing challenges and support them in suggesting ways to respond those changes.

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