Starling to issue dual currency debit cards

Starling to issue dual currency debit cards

The dual currency card feature goes will be available on the same day as Starling launches its business euro account. The new account will help Starling’s 77,000 business customers make transactions across the Eurozone and reduce currency exchange costs.

The Starling business euro account is ideal for small businesses that want to:

  • Pay overseas suppliers
  • Receive payment from customers in the Eurozone
  • Rent out European property as a business
  • Receive payment for services in euros, as a self-employed contractor

The new Starling account will also be able to help reduce exchange rate risks which will have no transaction fees and it will be open to both new and existing Starling Business Account Customers. Once it’s open, they can transfer money from their business account to their euro account

On an unrelated note, Starling has also extended its international currency transfer service to weekends, so customers can convert currency via the Starling app instantly, 24/7. This feature will allow customers to have a sense of freedom if they need their funds to be transferred overseas.

Anne Boden, founder and chief executive of Starling Bank, said: “A single card that can buy things in both euros and pounds is long overdue and something that we know our customers will value both in their personal and business lives.

“Businesses of all sizes have customers and suppliers spread across different countries. Our new business euro account will make a huge difference to these kinds of business customers, who are regularly carrying out international transactions whilst operating on a tight budget."

Image Source: Starling Bank 


About Starling Bank

Starling is a leading digital bank, founded in 2014 and voted Best British Bank in 2018 and 2019. Its retail banking app offers personal, business and joint current accounts on Android and iOS. The Starling Marketplace allows customers to in-app access to a curated selection of third party financial services. Starling also offers groundbreaking B2B banking and payments services.

Starling is a fintech business with a banking licence, fully regulated by the FCA and PRA. It is directly connected to major payment schemes, including Faster Payments, SEPA, Bacs and MasterCard.

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