Intelling White Paper and Speech at Trustech to Focus on Digital Identity

Intelling White Paper and Speech at Trustech to Focus on Digital Identity

MARSEILLE, FRANCE, November 19, 2019 – Intelling has just published a new White Paper titled “Private ID infrastructures challenge government-issued IDs” that covers different aspects of the evolution of the relation between Government IDs and Private IDs. The White Paper includes a section on the basics of government-issued identity documents, and how they have been evolving across the last years. A first relation between governments and private entities is when governments propose ID verification as a service to corporations. The White paper also explores Private IDs and Digital IDs, how they answer a business need, and how they relate with governments to secure their issuance and verification processes. The White Paper “Private ID infrastructures challenge government-issued IDs” is available free of charge from our website at 

During Trustech, Thierry Spanjaard, Intelling Principal, will chair a session titled “Banking IDs and Financial Authentication” that will take place on Thursday November 28th at 10:00 and cover topics such as digital identity in the banking security, financial authentication, KYC and identity proofing. He will also participate in a round table about official document ID and mobile derived ID in a session called “Identity Schemes in Europe” that will take place on Tuesday November 26th at 10:00. Both sessions will take place during Trustech, in Cannes, France, on from November 26th to November 28th 2019.

Thierry Spanjaard declares: “The questions of identity are at the core of any operation, especially for financial services. While a few years ago, only governments were issuing IDs, now this has become a lot more complex as entities are increasingly issuing their own digital private ID, leading to a more complex interaction with governments.” 

Intelling is happy to partner with Trustech, the main event for the digital trust technologies, taking place in Cannes, France, on November 26–28, 2019

About Intelling:
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