Infographic - 6 things you should know about bitcoin

Infographic - 6 things you should know about bitcoin

Bitcoin is surely the cryptocurrency that everybody is speaking about! Here are 6 things that everybody who is interested in bitcoin should know.


1 - How much one bitcoin worth?

1 Bitcoin worth 5,578 euros today. In march 2010, the same money was 0.0026 euros worth. It means that it has increased by 2 million %. YES - 2,000,000%


2 - How many bitcoin transactions are there per day?

Every day, there are 279,000 Bitcoin transactions by 24 hours.


3 - What is the history of Bitcoin?

  • 2009: The first Bitcoin was created.
  • 2010: First pizza bought with Bitcoins. For this transaction, 10,000 bitcoins have been necessary for the $20 bill.
  • 2012: The Bitcoin foundation has been created. The goal of the association was to change the bad reputation of the currency.
  • 2013: Bitcoin became an appropriate form of payment.
  • 2016: Bitcoin has been elected the top performing money for the second year consecutively.


4 - How many bitcoins are in circulation?

There are today 17,285,262.5 Bitcoins are in circulation in the world. It’s mean a worth of 96 billions of euros.


5 - Who are the crypto-currency challengers?

The main crypto-currency challengers are Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin and the Peercoin.
However, at the present moment, none of these currencies are more worthy than the Bitcoin. The second best crypto-currency is the Litecoin. The worth of one Litecoin is about 49.8 euros.


6 - Where bitcoin is illegal?

Bitcoin is illegal in 11 countries. One of the taller country which has forbidden Bitcoin is Canada. The reason why Bitcoin has been banned from these countries is because government does not want to establish a new state-run electronic money system.

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