Daily bitcoin transactions on darknet markets doubled throughout 2018

Users can use bitcoin on darknet market sites to buy anything from illegal drugs to fake IDs, even though the price of the cryptocurrency crashed.

Canada needs a digital ID system, bankers association says

The Canadian Bankers Association says Canada must create a digital identification system, potentially utilizing technology such as blockchain and biometrics.

The Global Blockchain Summit Slovenia to take place 29-30 April 2019

European Blockchain HUB and Nispana are inviting and welcoming experts on blockchain from different stakeholder groups, entities, and individuals from all around the globe.

Coinbase launches in more markets and plans 'aggressive' 2019 expansion

Coinbase has launched its cryptocurrency trading platform in more markets as the firm plans an "aggressive" international push next year.

Major German stock exchange to launch crypto trading platform

Germany’s second-largest stock exchange, Boerse Stuttgart Group, is set to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform in the first half of 2019.

Canadian city Calgary launches a digital currency to boost local economic activity

Calgary has announced to become the first Canadian city to launch a digital version of its local currency.

Ohio is set to accept bitcoin for tax payments

Ohio has a message for blockchain enthusiasts: The Buckeye State wants your business.

4 key banking trends to watch

With new technological developments, the growing demand for digital banking is an opportunity for both incumbent banks and fintech companies.

TransferWise won't buy into blockchain until more banks use Ripple

TransferWise, a London-based startup that transfers money between more than 70 countries, has yet to see an advantage to using the technology.

No cash, no pain: What if you woke up to no paper money?

What if we wake up one day and find that all the paper money that we are familiar with has disappeared?

Sweden is planning for a cashless future with 'e-Krona'

Sweden’s central bank will start a pilot project to develop an electronic currency as the Nordic nation grapples with how to secure payment systems in a future without cash.

BlockShow returns to celebrate Blockchain in Asia with Asia Blockchain Week in November 2018

BlockShow Asia 2018 will be taking place as a part of the Asia Blockchain Week between November 27 - December 1 at the Marina Bays Sands Hotel.

What’s a blockchain smartphone, and do you need one?

HTC's Exodus smartphone claims to keep your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies secure. But who is it really for?

Infographic - 6 things you should know about bitcoin

What do you know about cryptocurrency? Check out this infographic prepared for you!

ShapeShift introduces new membership program for users

ShapeShift AG introduced a new membership program, providing users with significant benefits and a better overall user experience.

ShapeShift hires new Chief Legal Officer

ShapeShift AG, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies, announced that FinTech law expert Veronica McGregor is joining the company as Chief Legal Officer.

The fintech revolution - Reshaping the global economy and its workforce

The fintech response to the 2008 financial crisis has played a role in reshaping the global economy and its workforce.

ShapeShift AG announces acquisition of Bitfract

The multi-crypto asset tool is the only platform in the world that allows users to trade one asset to multiple in one transaction.

All about bitcoin mining

Do you want to know more about bitcoin mining? Read this infographic to know more!

BlockShow set to use world’s first blockchain polling application during their blockchain conference in Berlin

The polls will identify the distinguished women leaders and game-changing companies who are building the tools and services that will continue to propel blockchain forward.


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