Antelop is Launching a Brand New PSD2 SCA Compliant Solution

Antelop is Launching a Brand New PSD2 SCA Compliant Solution

How to be compliant with PSD2 Strong Authentication (SCA) on eCommerce
card payments? 

40% of European banks have not met the compliancy deadline of the PSD2 regulatory technical standard (RTS) on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which was mandated on the 14th September. The major risk of this delay is the decline and cancellation of transactions, which will lead to potential financial losses for merchants on one hand and the loss of customers for banks on the other. To avoid this situation, most of the National Competent Authorities (NCAs) in Europe are giving banks and merchants an additional transitional period to comply, ranging from 6 to 18 months. They have to implement a PSD2 Compliant solution now, to be ready for the end of the transitional period.

In today’s authentication practice, a Card number combined with an SMS OTP is not SCA compliant for 3DS e-commerce payments (Card number is not considered as 1 factor). Additionally, SMS OTP doesn't meet the best security and frictionless industry practices. Banks need to implement secure mobile SCA solutions transforming customers & smartphones into trusted devices (first factor) whilst managing a wide range of additional authentication factors (PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition...) that can be combined depending on banks & rules and transactions & risk profiles.

To answer those banks’ major challenges, Antelop Solutions has launched its homegrown PSD2 compliant Strong Customer Authentication.

Antelop Solutions is a technological partner for banks, with high-end digital payment solutions (NFC issuer Wallet, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay…) with strong security components at its core (anti-cloning protection, advanced root detection, message encryption, anti-tampering…). Benefiting from the same technological prowess and embedded in the same SDK, Antelop PSD2 SCA is helping banks comply with PSD2 RTS with fast and effortless deployment.

Antelop’s best-in-class SDK (Android & IOS) is certified with the highest security standards by the schemes (Visa, Mastercard, and Cartes Bancaires), and by renowned security labs. Antelop’s PSD2 SCA can handle the latest authentication methods (PIN, Fingerprint and facial recognition…) for all types of transactions (E-commerce 3DS 2.0, Credit transfers, NFC payment, Online and Offline account login…) focusing on seamless customer experience.

Several Tier 1 banks and card processors already trust Antelop’s PSD2 compliant SCA solution. Why not you?

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