Diginex Launches Digivault to Provide Institutional-grade Custody for Digital Assets

Diginex, a blockchain financial services and technology company, today announced the launch of Digivault, offering digital asset custody services to meet the rigorous requirements of institutions.

How Can Click-Fraud be Prevented with Blockchain?

Synthetic fraud and clean fraud tactics employ stolen cardholder information to complete purchases. Account takeover attacks have the same goal, but target consumers’ account credentials instead of payment details. Click fraud, however, can prove to be a much more difficult threat source to identify.

ING Introduce Zero Knowledge Proof Notary

ING’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) team introduced its zero knowledge proof notary service, a blockchain breakthrough that improves the privacy and security of transactions on Corda, an open source blockchain platform.

ING joined Dutch AI taskforce

ING has joined a taskforce to promote the development and acceptance of artificial intelligence technology in the Netherlands, part of a national initiative to halt a brain drain of talent to AI powerhouses like the US and China.

Ripple Introduces Blockchain Tech to Finastra Banking Customers

Ripple has struck a deal to offer its blockchain technology for cross-border payments to Finastra's banking customers.

UNICEF Launches Cryptocurrency Fund Supported by Ethereum Foundation

UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, has launched a cryptocurrency fund to support open source technology “benefiting children and young people around the world.”

OKEx Launches Initiative to Develop Global Compliance Standards for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

OKEx to engage exchanges and market participants to develop a Global Self-Regulated Organization (SRO) aimed at standardizing practices and policies

PayPal close to quitting Facebook's Libra project, Visa and Mastercard could follow

Facebook's Libra plans continue to stumble as PayPal reportedly gets ready to quit the digital currency project, with Visa and Mastercard also reconsidering their involvement.

HOLD to Launch a Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange With Free Debit Card

HOLD has announced that its forthcoming crypto and cash exchange app with free Debit card is now available. This follows the conclusion of its successful beta program with a number of early supporters in August.

Detroit FinTech Bay Announces Detroit Blockchain Center to join location at TechTown

Eight individuals representing mortgage tech, auto tech and blockchain come together to advise on growth and strategy for global organisation based in Detroit

In Canada, Spend Visa® Card Allows Users to Spend Cryptocurrency Like a Debit Card

Effective immediately, Canadian Spend users will begin receiving their Spend Visa® Cards to facilitate transactions at over 40 million merchants worldwide.

Mastercard announces collaboration with R3 on blockchain-powered cross-border payments

Mastercard has joined forces with R3 to develop a blockchain-powered cross-border payments system connecting global faster payments infrastructures, schemes and banks supported by a clearing and settlement network operated by the card giant.

Facebook's Libra could undercut ECB's powers: Mersch

Facebook's proposed Libra currency could undermine the European Central Bank's ability to set monetary policy and Europe should ignore its siren call of "treacherous promises"

Telos Blockchain Partners up with Carbon to Launch New TLOSD Stablecoin

The Telos blockchain has partnered with Carbon, a fintech company that provides blockchains with stable coins and increased liquidity. The partnership has resulted in the network's new stable coin, TLOSD.

Barclays ends partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase

Barclays is ending their relationship with Coinbase that started in March last year as the exchange expanded in Europe, according to sources familiar with the matter.

All about Libra – the new digital currency developed by Facebook (Infographic)

This infographic from MrBTC.org presents an overview about what you need to know about Libra - the latest currency developed by Facebook.

Facebook crypto plans turn up heat on EU banks over real-time payments

The euro zone could have an instant payments system shared by all banks in the bloc by the end of 2020, finance industry officials said.

Bank of England is positive on Facebook's Libra, saying the bank could open up balance sheet to new players

Facebook's Libra could "substantially improve financial inclusion and dramatically lower the costs of domestic and cross border payments," says BoE governor Mark Carney.

Why initial exchange offerings flourish in crypto market

Initial exchange offerings (IEOs) are currently the most popular fundraising trend in the cryptocurrency industry. Do you know the difference between IEO and ICO?

(Infographic) How does a crypto transaction work?

To understand the key stats, features, and mechanics of the technology, it is best to start from the beginning and learn how does a simple crypto transaction work.