6 Interview Questions You Should Be Asking


6 Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

It gets to the end of the job interview and the interviewer asks you if you have any questions. If you hesitate and reply ‘No that’s everything!’. Then you’re missing a trick. This is a great opportunity to get to know the company and learn more about the role and what opportunities this could open up for your career. Here are 6 interview questions you should be asking at the end of your interview:


1. Can you describe the company culture?

This is the perfect question to ask if you wanted to find out more about the personality of a company and the people behind it. Company culture is so important as it makes a better working environment and of course happier people! Understanding the culture of a company will also help you to see whether you would fit in well there. Find out more about the importance of company culture.


2. What excites you about coming into work every day?

This is another way of finding out more about the company, their aims and objectives. If the hiring managers response is something that they are excited to explain about and you get a sense of passion behind their answer, then you can acknowledge the work that takes places there is meaningful. It also shows that employees are working towards a common interest and that it is exciting to be part of that team.


3. How would my performance be measured?

We all deserve to know what we are doing well in the role we’re undertaking and how the company recognises achievements. You can also turn this question to your advantage and discuss how you have succeeded in previous roles.


4. What types of career opportunity can open up?

This question allows you to examine how you could progress in the company if you work well. In addition to training, learning and development opportunities that the company can provide you.


5. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t hire me?

A more unpredictable and direct question which will address any apprehensions the interviewer may have towards hiring you for the position, there and then. This question provides you with the chance to fight your corner and give them examples of how you’re capable and have the necessary skills for the job.


6. May I have your business card?

Asking the hiring manager for their business card at the end of your job interview allows you to have their contact details and follow up after your interview to send them a thank you note. Read more about tips on how to send a thank you note.