5 Tips - Nail your next job screening!

When you get a call from an employer wanting to schedule a telephone interview with you, this means your CV has been given a green light and they would like to know if you are who you say you are. The screening is one important step in the job application process. This will show the employer how well you can communicate and perform, forging the path to the big opportunity of a meeting at the office with the decision makers. In most cases, you will be talking with someone from HR. Basically, they will see if you have the right experience and skills for the job, reviewing your communication skills and professionalism. The main goal of this process is to pick out the best candidates out of the bunch that passed the CV screening. So, here are 5 simple tips on how you can ace your next screening:

1. Watch your pronunciation and build rapport

Your body language and pronunciation are a vital element during an interview, they account for 90% of the effectiveness of your communication. People always hire people they like, if you are having a phone interview without a video, be enthusiastic and build rapport. The interviewer at this point in the screening process tries to clear up any hesitations or questions after having your CV reviewed. Be prepared to answer any question and be aware of anything on your resume that might be considered a red flag to the interviewer. Be honest and address any concerns, don’t get off negative and steer the response into something positive, reminding them of “This is what I have and this is what you need”.

2. Express energy and enthusiasm

Nowadays, many employers request a video interview via Skype, so be prepared to not only talk your part but dress it too! Impression is very important, how you look and sound brings a great impact to the outcome of the interview. Express enthusiasm and energy in your tone.

3. Tell your successes and accomplishments

When asked about previous jobs and responsibilities, speak of your accomplishments and successes. Employers always ask about your previous experience, and when they do it’s not the job description. Impressing your future employer comes by telling stories of your accomplishments and how they make you the best fit for the job, in terms of bringing success to the future employer.

4. Be prepared for the tricky questions

Most of the screenings have standard questions about you general experiences and skills. However, many employers tend to put you in the spot with a scenario to test your reaction and response. Don’t let this kind of questions stump you. Keep up the can-do attitude and be prepared for questions that are least likely to get asked.

5. Salary negotiation skills

Salary range is important when applying for a position. This can be as well tricky, if you go for a lower number than what the employer has budgeted, you may lose your chance of securing a higher salary. Take care, if you present a number that is also too high, the employer might decide to dismiss your application even before you have had the chance to make your case during the interview. As an applicant, you can handle this in two different ways. First of all, you can throw in the question “What salary have you budgeted for this position?”, when you get a response, tell them that it is in line with your expectations. Another response can be “Although the job and the challenge are most important to me, you should know that I am considering positions in the XX to YY range”. This can be a good way to express your expectations and give them a fair estimation of your range. All in all, every employer has a different way of dealing with the screening process, these tips however, will keep you prepared for whatever encounters your way.

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