5 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Basics of SEO


5 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Basics of SEO 

It’s common knowledge that businesses have a better chance of spreading awareness if they have an online presence, but the work doesn’t stop after creating social media accounts and a website. Entrepreneurs should make an effort to stay digitally active. Payments & Cards Network previously explained why businesses need blogs, which is one method of improving online presence. Add another competitive edge in the digital world by considering SEO, which is the lifeblood of digital marketing.

Here are a few reasons why you should at least study the basics of SEO.

Improves Website Traffic

There are certain SEO elements that businesses can improve to get higher rankings in search engines. Once you nail the appropriate keywords and content, and have enough mentions on other websites or social media, rest assured your website traffic will improve. Naturally, this lets you appear more frequently in search results, thereby increasing your online presence. Additionally, Ayima mentioned that mobile SEO strategies may help smaller businesses get ahead in the game. This is because there is a possibility that Google may create a mobile-first index, which would allow for website rankings generated by mobile search results. Mobile usage is getting increasingly popular as the years go by, which is why a move like this is plausible.

Improves Credibility

Start Digital iterated on Medium that good rankings in Google help establish customer trust, since people still tend to judge by appearance. It doesn’t matter if your business offers quality products or is well-established in the real world; if your website is not easily searchable online, people may have doubts about your credibility. With ample SEO knowledge combined with other digital efforts, you can improve customers’ trust, which will increase your customer base and establish your business as an industry expert.

Enforces Other Digital Marketing Efforts

SEO essentially amplifies any other online marketing efforts you’ve implemented such as search advertising and retargeting. For example, if you invested in a search ad, SEO processes significantly improve your pay-per-clicks (PPC). Also, since your business is deemed credible thanks to SEO tools, users will have fewer doubts about clicking on your ads. As a rule of thumb, your digital marketing strategies should always be coupled with SEO efforts. 

Helps Provide Consumer Insight

With improved website traffic, you can use analytics to study your visitors and their demographics. You can find out valuable information such as what keywords they typed in to find your website, what device they used, their geographical location, what time they were active, and more. In short, you can get a sense of the your target market’s online behaviour. The data you collect can be utilised to form better marketing strategies and improve certain business aspects.

Increases Chances of Closing Leads

AquaOx’s Michael Corcoran shared that their initial investment in SEO has more than tripled the company’s ROI. He stated that without that move, they would not have reached the amount of business they’re currently doing.

Since SEO increases website traffic, there are more chances for people to consider your product and eventually place an order. Increased profit levels even the playing field and place your business in the same league as your larger counterparts. If you want to gain a competitive edge, be sure to develop SEO strategies. 

Author Bio: Hana Nielsen is a freelance SEO specialist and content writer. She has been studying the ins and outs of search engines since 2015, and is determined to help small businesses appear on the first page of search results.